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A Great Night For Sport

The Highlands Varsity Mens Soccer Team won their ‘Sweet Sixteen’ game last night, advancing them to Sectionals tonight in the state championship tournament. Brandon’s cardiologist agreed last Friday to let Brandon finish out this soccer season. We know coach and the administration were nervous given our new understanding of Brandon’s health condition, but they allowed him to play. And play he did.

The starter goalie kept the opposing team from scoring during the first half. Brandon continued the shutout experience for the final half, when the opposing team’s offense decided to take more control. Highlands prevailed 4 to 0. I was busy tweeting the game so Dave could follow the action at home thus no pictures. I’ll borrow some from our friend, Larry, as he was rapid-firing from the field and post them soon. It was a great night to remember.

And speaking of great… how about them Giants? We got home in time to watch SF rock and roll the Rangers in Game One of the World Series. Without all the tremor action of 1989, of course.

October 28, 2010 - Posted by | Brandon, Everyday

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