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Inspired by a great weekend, here goes…

I have not written over the past year or so out of both fear and selfishness. So many things have happened (good and bad) but the outcome is something I would never ever change. I have lived and learned more than I ever thought possible after going through treatment.

This summer was by far the best time I have ever had — which is a grand statement.

Natural Bridge, Red River Gorge, Kentucky July 2012

After breaking free from all meds, I hiked to the top of Natural Bridge with James (twice), spent a great week playing in the ocean with family, ran the Hudy 7K with J and “re-invested” in a drum kit so I could play once again with great friends this weekend. I am blessed for sure.

I spent this Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends. During meals, family fun, and other outings everyone asked how I and the family were doing. Not just a “hey, how’s it going?” thing but instead a true request for info. It really hit me when my good friend Jim asked, “So, I read all the posts from the past, but really, how are you?” What a beautiful thought this was. You see, Jim and his love, Lora, had great news of a baby on the way. But his mind was on me and my stuff.


You know the kind of people you can be away from for years at a time but once together they seem to “stop time” in a way this is extremely rare. Well this weekend was just that. This came at a moment when no one but myself and maybe Jacqui (because she can read me like a good book) could realize and I am so grateful.

Tuesday the 27th is my next round of scans. Over two years removed from the original diagnosis but somehow, the fears and stress do not diminish. I so wish they would, but I can’t free my brain from the “what if” thoughts. That said, I know that whatever my scans on Tuesday bring, I am in beautiful company.

I feel great (which is so beautiful to say), and I still say this with caution, but it is true.

I hope this round of scans is clear. I also send positive thoughts each night to everyone in my big circle, who are supporting or fighting a battle of their own…

More to come from this strange and rambling post soon…

Peace and love to all and may the holiday and the new year bring us comfort.


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