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Good Times

This is a very quick post as I’ve got to get back to work. But knowing that some of you only follow us via the blog, a few recent shout outs. And yes, a bigger post to come.

It’s been a week of good times.

I’ve started my new job at WNKU-FM and am very much in my element and incredibly happy. That’s not to say the days of yesteryear in advertising were dreadful, but I realized I grew out and away from that daily environment. As I said in my resignation, “It’s not you, it’s me.” Still, lots of love to the crew at Creative Department as they are incredible people.

Brandon has rounded out his final classes of the term and is getting set to take exams and come home for break. He’s still very jazzed about what he is doing and doing incredibly well in the process. Knowing his drive is all about caring for people and assisting them at what could be their scariest moments is something that still makes us take great pause and feel overwhelmed with pride.

Jameson has transitioned to the High School in great stride and secured a place once again on the varsity bowling squad. His average continues to climb higher and the team is currently first place in their division. And darn if he doesn’t look good sporting his varsity ‘H’ on this school jacket. He continues to dabble in music and drool over cars. Oh, the plan to get that ’66 Mustang with Dave is still going strong.

Tessa is our funky girl and so excited with the coming of Christmas. She believes with so much enthusiasm that any Scrooge near her would certainly melt. She’s doing well in fourth-grade — reading up a storm, playing basketball and writing for the journalism club at school. Her energy is infectious.

And that brings me to Dave and really the main reason I needed to post today. Yesterday was supposed to be his semi-annual oncology appointment — you know, the time when he gets the results of his scans and such. As fate would have it, his doctor was unable to be in the office and needed to reschedule for next week. And before you say, “No way! No fair!” the kind nurses at the office were able to tell him that his scans all looked good and his status was stable. Woot! Remission remains. We’ll let you know if we learn anything more next week…

Until then, keep up the love, light and laughter. Enjoy the season as you celebrate it and despite what the big world may be doing out there, continue to celebrate your own little good times. They, in the grand scheme of things, are really what matter. ~ Jacqui

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