Nashville or Bust

The trip that started a longer journey

Old Like Candy

The cake… coming to get me.

It’s been a string of sweet and enlightening days — a turning point for certain. The actual day of honoring my Gemini 50 was bookended by discoveries through Kornfield and Hedwig. Appropriate, wouldn’t you agree? In between, so many thoughts, reflections, memories and yes, apprehensions. I wasn’t expecting the range and depths of emotions nor the sensation of emergence and regression at the same time. In spite of it all, the learning and the growing and the love continue. This life is a mysterious blessing and I thank all of you for being a part of my weird, colorful, blissful, fragmented mosaic that is still under construction.

I’ve been quiet lately and perhaps that has come off as aloof. I don’t chatter on social as much as I used to… and I certainly haven’t posted much here. But it isn’t because I’m totally disconnecting. It’s really the other way around. And while I may not be as verbal in the electronic realm, please know that my heart is full and it is because of you. I am grateful.

And now, to segue into something old/new… it’s time to pack the bags and see what Nashville is like with an AARP card in one’s wallet. MmmHmmm….

Keep loving — despite everything — keep loving. It’s the only thing that keeps it all together. ~ Jacqui


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