Nashville or Bust

The trip that started a longer journey

Night two… Wow!

Talk about an incredible show. Opening act was Sharon Little from PA. Hers is a Cinderella story…. five months ago she was a waitress. Last night she performed her last show on the tour with Robert & Allison (she’s been the opening act in 34 cities.) She was so sweet and soulful; deserving of her standing ovation! As she thanked the audience for coming she mentioned that Robert Plant visited her dressing room before she took the stage one last time and gave her a hug. She then said, “I know I’m probably a nobody to everybody here tonight; but right now I feel like a somebody. Thanks again.” Then she and her band ripped a few more tunes. She’s honest. We liked her. And her jacket was straight vintage.

Robert and Allison played for over two hours… including a 5-song ovation. T Bone Burnett was in his glory. Buddy Miller strong. The utility player, Stuart Duncan, was amazing. If it had strings, he used it to fill the place with all sorts of sound and color. Together, they played material from Raising Sand as well as some standards and Zeppelin material re-arranged in the spirit of the project. The sound was eerie and slinky. And yeah hey mama, we liked they way moved and grooved. Robert’s dance steps were charming. Allison was beautiful, perfect and effortless. She liked being home.

And speaking of home, we realized as we left the Sommet our time at Nashville was coming to an end. There were three hours until last call so we headed across the street to Layla’s … the place with the hot dog cart outside and chicken wire on the side of the stage. The band was playing all sorts of ruckus stuff, the perfect counter-balance to what we just heard. In exchange for two bar stools in the back, we promised to keep watch of this particular beer can AND the precious popcorn buns. Civic duty.

Around 1:30, our friendly barkeep found us slouching on the job, took this picture on our camera as evidence and said we might think about heading home. After contributing the the tip jar of course! Gladly. Worth every dime!

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Saturday Stroll

It’s very strange for us to have an unstructured day. Our only agenda item (and the thing that started this idea) is the Allison Krauss/Robert Plant show tonight at the Sommet Center. And since that’s down the street there’s no rush to do much of anything. ‘Cept stroll.

We spent some time at Hatch Show Print. The print geek in me oggled. Note: it is situated next to a store advertising: “Boots… buy 1 pair get 2 free!” and the print shop got my full attention. That there tells you something! The folks @ Hatch are open and friendly. Love the fact they have two shop cats who assist with printmaking. Our bag features the fancy footwork of either Huey or Maow .

From there we went to Gruhn Guitars. More drooling, this time Dave. Happy to report we were good and did not acquire a new stringed instrument for our collection. Least not yet. The day is still young!

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