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I love this little sign

I love this little sign…

I just got in from running pre-holiday errands. While walking down Monmouth Street on my way to grab a coffee, I spied this in a shop window. Talk about a message from the universe stopping one in her tracks…BAM!

Driving home, I kept exploring this sentiment in my mind and more importantly, why it made me stop. Because it did. And this is what bubbled up…

While I love you and see you as the individual you are (as you see me)–I also love and see the us that we’ve become and the us which we have been. I may not have always been happy or certain or good, but through that–and the curiosity those states of mind generated, as well as your acceptance and nurturing–I grew…you grew… and we grew. That said, I love the trajectory of where we are going, what we are learning, what we are trying, what we are giving and the simple fact that together we multiply. Our positive qualities continue to intertwine; our weaknesses continue to be counterbalanced. We are the energy for survival that the other so desperately needs. Together we are hope, compassion and light. Together, nothing is lost.

And, if you think I’m writing this only about Dave, don’t sell yourself short. I’m writing this about you, too. In fact, I’m writing it about all. That’s the way it works.

As we get ready to take time to sit in gratitude and share, let’s also think about how loving us works on both the micro and macro level. If we really love us–which is what we are wired to do–then let’s make sure we are loving all of us.

Pass the cranberries. XOXOXO. ~Jacqui

November 20, 2018 - Posted by | Everyday

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