Nashville or Bust

The trip that started a longer journey

August 25

While Jane was in the hospital, I started a page on Caring Bridge for Jane to help all of her friends stay in touch with what was happening. I had yet another entry today.

Today We Honor Jane

This morning while I was sitting in the quiet, I was compelled to come to this space again. There is no health update nor report from the hospital room–just the sounds of a day waking. I like this time of day when the crickets harmonize with birds before slipping into their hiding spaces. It brings a sense of peace and wonderment.

In two hours we will begin the ceremonies and rituals of laying someone to rest. And while I’ve been witness to this ritual several times before, this one is different. And, I have no idea of how we will do it. But we will.

This space where we all come together–all those who shared, participated and helped shape a well-lived and well-loved life–it is a hard but tender moment, isn’t it? The flurry of this past week’s preparation is finally over and none of us have any busy work to do. That means we are open to what this day means and what this day brings. One small part is slipping into another.

We will hold each other, we will cry with each other and yes, we will even laugh with each other at the memories we exchange. And that, is part of the gift–of Jane’s gift. She’s bringing all of her “loveys” together in presence and spirit. Here and there a hand will slip into that of another and squeeze. You know the squeeze.

Today, we all will honor Jane and in that, we will thank her for helping us all to be better people. Jane will continue to be in our hearts.

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