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Day +100: A Post from Dave

Screen shot 2015-12-18 at 6.40.45 AMIt’s been awhile. Actually it’s been 106 days since I posted here. It was day -6 and I was just settling into my hospital room and the idea of this treatment and transplant when I fell asleep listening to music. I sit today, well on the other end of the teeter-totter, and while the memory of how I got here is still present, much of the hospital stay and immediate aftermath is a blur. The view from my “rear view mirror” is pleasantly hazy.

Today marks day +100 for me in this new version of DK2.0. While I am aware of this, I am happier to have Brandon coming home for his birthday on this day than I am eager to examine my progress up to this milestone. Christmas will be here soon and the start of a new year (which I am really ready to welcome in) and I’m more interested in the events, family gatherings, music recitals and such than I am of what this milestone represents. The simple truth is that for reasons beyond my full understanding, I feel really great and am truly grateful. With the rear view a blur, I am focusing on what is in front of me.

It took an army of support and an amazing medical team to get to this point but most of all it took Jacqui. I can’t and would not want to ever try to put myself in her shoes but without her smile, sarcasm, support, tough love, smuggled coffee, patience and amazing strength this would have been a very different experience. I have no words really…just love.

“In spite of ourselves,
we’ll end up a’sittin’ on a rainbow…

Against all odds,
honey we’re the big door prize”

Day 100. That does feel pretty good to say. In the journals and transplant literature it is a big deal. I don’t take that for granted but instead of looking back, I am spending it sipping early morning coffee with Jacqui, making breakfasts and lunches for the kids and getting them off to school and continuing to get the house ready for Brandon’s visit and the holiday…you know, the normal stuff.

It’s time to return this blog to new ideas and future plans.

Here is to love, laughter, friendship, music and adventure in the New Year.



Added Note:

In Jacqui’s last post, Maya the cat was in a very bad way with no real answers to be found. We were on the brink of losing her. Yet somehow, she has recovered in grand fashion.

Jacqui wrote in one her her entries: Maya came into our lives for a reason, at a time when, in retrospect, we didn’t need to be dealing with a cat with issues. Or did we? It’s obvious she continues to be in our lives for many more. She may be small and compromised but her presence is big. She is truly a strange little beast…”

We are all small, compromised and strange little beasts if you really think about.


Peace and Love

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  1. Dear David and Family, We are thankful for your beautiful post and for you, your life and the lives of your beloved family. It has been quite a run for all of us. We have grown in faith and spirit along with you. None of us will be quite the same, but better and stronger for it. Thanksgiving was special in your warm and welcoming home and now we look forward to the holidays. Today our Brandon will celebrate his birthday close to all of you. A text has gone out to him from Dad and me Please give him a big hug for us tonight. And to all of you — 100 blessings now, in the New Year and forevermore. …How very much you are loved, Mom and Dad Jane Killen

    Comment by . | December 18, 2015 | Reply

  2. I am so happy to read your post, Dave. Here’s wishing you +100K more days! Jack Pine

    Edward *Jack Pine* H: 828 – 575-9794 C: 513 – 317 – 3302

    Comment by ejpine | December 23, 2015 | Reply

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