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Boy Needs Boost

oompa_loompaYesterday I mentioned that Dave started the stem cell generation process this past Saturday by receiving daily Neupogen injections. Today he had a blood test to see how effective the Neupogen has been in his system. While he is generating stem cells, he needs some help. Translation: his shots need booster shots. Hello, Mozibil.

In the grand scheme of things and of life, it isn’t a big thing, really. It’s just another series of shots, right? Sure. But when you’re already doing things, having to do one more thing when you don’t feel like doing anything at all is, well, yucky.

Regardless of how we were each feeling with this news for more, back up the road to Kenwood we went for the evening shot of Mozibil. As long as Dave is getting Neupogen in the morning, he’ll now need to receive Mozibil in the evening. The injections continue until all the stem cells are in the freezer. Again — big picture — not so bad. But it would have been nice to avoid this additional part.

Speaking of… tomorrow will be the first go at stem cell harvest. There will be pre-sunrise Neupogen, followed by a hook-up to a machine that was described to us as ‘draconian but effective.’ (nice) Similar to dialysis, this draconian device will cycle all of Dave’s blood and filter the stem cells into little collection bags. Once collected, the bags will be gathered and driven to Hoxworth where the stem cells will be counted. (1…2…3…17…32…) Dave will get a call in the afternoon letting him know the daily take.  A boost of Mozibil in the evening then a bit of sleep and most likely, a repeat of Wednesday on Thursday.

They say it can take two to three collection days to get the target number of stem cells required for the post chemo transplant. The goal for Dave is 5,000,000.

That’s a lot of zeroes representing a lot of things that eyes simply can’t see. Trying to comprehend is hard. All of this… it is part miracle, part riddle, and a lot of faith. I dare say my dreams tonight will be best understood by the music makers themselves.

~ Jacqui

August 25, 2015 - Posted by | Dave


  1. Just a wrinkle. And more driving. Keep the posts coming – fingers crossed he gets the 5M in the two or three days they predict. Thoughts and prayers with you both. We all could use some good news.

    Comment by Peggy Eberhard | August 25, 2015 | Reply

  2. Thanks for this update Jaqui. All of your updates are incredible and it’s amazing to hear what you’re learning along your journey and sharing with others in a clear, understandable way. It really keeps us on the path right along side you and Dave.
    However, having this understanding is bittersweet because it also sheds a light on the very harsh reality of what my friend and brother Dave is experincing every day. You both are foremost in my thoughts and prayers. It inspires me to face new challenges each and every day.

    Much love,

    Comment by Joe Fortunato | August 26, 2015 | Reply

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