Nashville or Bust

The trip that started a longer journey

Testing Week

I’ve been lazy. Several times last week I attempted to post but being lazy was a sweet indulgence. The kids went on vacation with Dave’s folks so we spent the week relaxing and indulging in some *choice* options on Netflix. I think one night we were asleep by 7:30pm. It was good medicine.

Things continue to progress. Cycle 2 of RICE went well. Dave had his typical side effects but nothing strange or difficult to handle. He’s a champ.

This week is all testing… and waiting.

Speaking of waiting… Waiting rooms in hospitals (and in particular this hospital) are not places I like to be. Between other people’s cell phone convos and the endless daytime TV that is always too loud, this truly is a test of patience. And patients.

Now that Dave is back with the pros and doing his thing, I may wander and try to find some coffee and peace. Otherwise I will intercept the phone next to me and help explain to poor Gladys that George really doesn’t want to talk with her right now. ~Jacqui

August 10, 2015 - Posted by | Dave

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