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What Will We CT?

So it has been nearly six weeks since the last post. A nice bubble of no treatments and minus one MRI to help diagnose continual back pain — no tests. (The MRI showed a happy, healthy spine so the docs believe the back pain is residual from all the nerve pressure, etc.) Dave has been doing great. The recovery isn’t instantaneous but with each day he is getting more in step with where he wants to be. And so am I. There is an element of loveliness in the mundane.

But things start up again tomorrow with the first big post treatment photo shoot. I’d be fibbing if I didn’t say I wasn’t a wee bit anxious. Dave has a CT scheduled at the crack of dawn. The results from this will give him an indication of how well the six rounds of chemo layered with a month of radiation worked against Roger the Tumor. Our hope is that there is no wicked grin staring back on the films. Because then it would be back to white coats, plans, treatments and yes, hospital lounge/soft-rock crooning from Lionel and company.

Those are things I am not looking for.

~ Jacqui

May 19, 2011 - Posted by | Dave, Everyday

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