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Just Forget The World

Earlier this summer, my friend Joe and I decided to “celebrate” our 25-year old friendship by exchanging mix CDs. An 80s thing, yes, but fun all the same. I’m not sure how it really came about – this decision – but we wanted to share with each other the type of music we were listening to now as opposed to the stuff we “encountered” in 1985.

And me – in my quest to be creative and have this project mean something – opted to limit my mix to 25 songs that somehow, in an odd way, reflected the story of my life since age 17 … where I’ve gone, what I’ve done, what I’ve become and oddly enough, what I was about to face. (Creepy how those things work out.) Yes, a project with a back-story. It was tough to produce and I really wonder why I was so driven to do it.

Included in my mix was this song by Snow Patrol. I put it in to signify how I was feeling after becoming a mother — dealing with the “tug-o-war of life” that inevitably would get in the way of the relationship Dave and I had established. I never followed this band. In fact, I don’t know anything about them. But I’ve always loved this song.

The day after Dave got the first call that something wasn’t right in his body, I heard this song on the radio. After listening, I turned the radio off, and left it that way for quite some time. Music made me hurt too much. It represented too much: past, present and future.

Slowly, I went back to music and listening. And, upon doing so, heard this song three other times in random locations/settings. I’m not sure what it means. Maybe someone in radio land is in tune with how I am feeling. Or, perhaps now more than ever, I am.

It is a beautiful song.

December 1, 2010 - Posted by | Dave, Everyday

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