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Diagnosis: Different

It’s been a long day and everyone here is tired. And while we know more than we did this morning, we don’t know everything. A slight change of plans but at least we have better direction and an action step in sight.

Dave does have Lymphoma. So, that slight hope that maybe, just maybe, this was a benign cyst is no more. Even though the tumor is large, his oncologist feels very good about things — it is early stage. Also, it seems to be contained in only one region.

I say ‘seems’ because Dave’s original PET scan from Tuesday came back inconclusive. The radioactive material didn’t travel up and out of his arm and through his body as it should have. Yep … his pasty glow didn’t glow bright enough. So after several phone calls and some reworking of the schedule, we managed to get back to the imaging center for a retake prior to our consult. The test takes 90 minutes or so, and most people find the  non-evasive 40 minute CT scan portion quite easy. But given Dave’s pain, it is hard to lie still for that amount of time. Both of us were a bit upset that he had to go through this again, but you don’t really argue. You do. We need the results to make sure our treatment plan is on the money.

Speaking of, chemo starts on Monday. In addition to the chemo, there will be a few more tests. These tests are typical with a diagnosis of this type but I admit, hearing about more tests threw us both for a loop. We should also have the results from the second PET scan back and the additional findings from the biopsy. Monday will become our new Thursday.

On the upside, Jameson, our 7th grader, made the High School Bowling squad today. And Brandon, our Senior, had an awesome game in goal during tonight’s Senior Night on the soccer field. It’s not all doom and gloom. It’s just different.

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